I Peter 2:13, "Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake ..."
North Central Ohio Concealed Carry Group


Statement of Purpose:
We offer both the NRA Basic Pistol Course and Certification and the Concealed Carry Weapons Affidavit in 12 hours one day classes. We offer the NRA Basic Pistol Course and the Concealed Carry Weapons classes to the Christian/Conservative student that does not want to miss church on Sunday or attend the NRA Basic Pistol and the Concealed Carry Weapons Course classes on Sunday.

This course is open to the public and all are welcome to attend from the beginner who has never touched a firearm all the way to the professional who might work with firearms.

This is a top notch pistol certification course in a safe conservative environment.

We will discuss: Ohio Concealed Carry Laws, Civil, and criminal Issues, Liability when carrying firearms, Safe handling of firearms, Firearm care and maintenance, Firearms and ammunition, Avoiding confrontation, Use of force, Firearms for self defense, Concealed carry methods, Equipment selection, Basic defensive shooting, Permit recognition and reciprocity and much, much more.

E-mail contact info: hlbjr45@yahoo.com or matthewbucklew@gmail.com

Contact numbers: 567-232-2395 or 419-908-5698, please feel free to leave a message.

Classes are scheduled one Saturday a month. For special class dates contact us for details.